In fact, Parvus puts the pieces of the puzzle together for you. We solve your polymer problems or look for a suitable alternative. Whether a small change in a formulation is concerned, or a complete change of the production process, we discuss the possible solutions with you and look for the cheapest and most sustainable method.

Over the years Parvus has undergone several changes. We used to be an "inventor company" and were only able to produce laboratory-scale quantities, but now we can take on small-scale productions, as a result of which small businesses can purchase their products much more inexpensive. At this moment our annual production capacity is 400,000 kg of UV-sensitive final products.

In the research department of Parvus Chemie research is being conducted on the development of the specific product that the customer needs. When problems arise with regard to curing, gluing or coating, Parvus will always look for the most inexpensive and most sustainable solution. Starting from the product specifications Parvus Fysica can develop the most suitable drying unit. This unique combination gives Parvus the opportunity to offer you an overall solution for your wishes with regard to photo polymerization.

On this site you can find more information about the products of Parvus Chemie and Parvus Fysica.

Parvus can offer you:
  • Varnish, ink, glue and synthetic resin products for various applications
  • UV equipment produced according to your wishes
  • Advice and support in the various fields of polymer chemistry and radiation curing, UV (ultraviolet), IR (infrared) and EB (electro beam)
  • Production of chemicals in quantities of 1 to 1.000 litres, if necessary at high temperatures.