Research and development are the core activities of Parvus. For questions, new developments or improvements of your present production method we like to be your discussion partner. Please don"t hesitate to contact us, even if you might think that your wish cannot be realized at all.

The photo polymerization technique is relatively energy-saving without any solvents being used, and hence the technique is very environmentally safe.
Many new developments in this field qualify for subsidies.

We have acquired experience in the following industries / sectors:

  • Wood processing
  • Tin processing
  • Paper refinement
  • Industrial etching
  • Medical sector
  • Laminating and gluing applications
  • Textile processing
  • Composite production
  • Synthetic processing
Furthermore Parvus also offers an important innovation in the field of UV sterilization, where the photoflash technique achieves excellent results.

Your wish is our challenge!