Every application needs its own UV unit. Light spectrum, working width, cold / warm UV light, power and the available power voltage are some points to be taken into account when choosing the appropriate unit.

Parvus Fysica would be glad to offer you advice about the possibilities. We have a wide range of UV equipment at our disposal. If necessary we can incorporate your specific wishes in the UV unit, so that it realizes your drying or sterilization issues even better.

Our range of UV equipment consits of:

  • Continuous Radiation (CR)
  • Flash on Demand (FD)
  • Stoboscopic Flash (SF)
Besides the sale of units we offer a small range of safety glasses, test liquids and testing equipment. We are also able to measure your (old) UV lamp with a spectrophotometer to confirm its given UV spectrum.

A UV lamp has a certain life span. This stated time not only represents the number of burning-hours / flashes of the lamp, but also the number of burning-hours / flashes in which the lamp emits the desired UV spectrum. Of course this is not a indisputable fact, because factors such as cooling and ventilation also have a profound effect on the lamp"s life span.