The FD series is the main product of Parvus. The UVIRA FD unit is a UV flash generator that can generate a high energy output in a very short time (0.002 seconds). A peak capacity of 1 megawatt is not unusual. This UV equipment is very suitable for various applications with regard to photo polymerization, where cold light or a very short exposure time is desired.

Flash on Demand: These units can fuel lamps for both external triggering (the lamp is cooled down by means of "forced air") and series triggering (for underwater exposure). The units can flash 1 x per second at the most and this flash starts at 220 nm.

In our range you will find:

Flash on Demand
UVIRA FD-500 500 joules per flash
UVIRA FD-1000 1000 joules per flash
UVIRA FD-2000 2000 joules per flash

The type number represents the joules per flash. To indicate how much energy this is:
500 joules are comparable with the energy that is released when a 9-mm bullet is being fired. Hence an FD-2000 releases about four times as much energy.

Advantages of "flash curing" over "continuous curing":
  • Cold UV light
  • No air inhibition
  • Free of mercury
  • Ozone-free
  • Curing of thicker films
  • Better adhesion
  • No "shutters" necessary
  • Longer life span of the lamp
  • Several lamp lengths are possible
  • Low energy consumption