As already stated, it is impossible to imagine life today without the use of UV. There are many fields of application with regard to photo polymerization and sterilization.

A few examples of UV photo polymerization:

  • Coating of doors and panels
  • Quick-drying of ink
  • Refining of printed matter (with a glossy layer, such as glossy magazines)
  • Printing of cans, glass, synthetics and the like
  • Production of glass fibre cables
  • Gluing of transparent materials (such as glass and synthetics)
  • Production of CDs
  • Scratch-resistance of synthetic headlights
  • Production of printed circuits in electronics
  • Medical applications, in dentistry for example
  • Production of adhesive tape
  • Production of stickers
  • Production of relief ink, for example braille applications

A few examples of UV sterilization:

  • Reduction of micro-organisms in the air
  • Treatment of surfaces of equipment in order to minimize cross-infection
  • Reduction of micro-organisms on packing material
  • Reduction of micro-organisms in water or other liquids
    (for example in juices or in waste water
  • Reduction of infection on foods such as cheese, bread, mushrooms, melons and pizzas.