The Uvira CR-series consists of continuously burning UV lamps. Characteristic for this type of lamp is that the UV spectrum and the power per cm of electrode distance are the same for all types of lamps. That is why, for example, the test results with a 400-watt lamp correspond to those of a 14 kW lamp.

The type represents the length of the lamp in centimetres. At a working width of 1 metre, for example, the UVIRA CR-105 is very suitable. In the CR-series we have standard available the following units:

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UVIRA CR-4 Specifications Manual
UVIRA CR-35 Specifications
UVIRA CR-50 Specifications
UVIRA CR-105 Specifications
UVIRA CR-140 Specifications

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need other working widths. We can often very well realize your wishes. We are always prepared to find a solution.

The UVIRA CR is perfectly suitable in a working environment with conveyor belt, and for substrates that are not heat-sensitive. A few sectors are:
  • Wood industry
  • Metal decoration
  • Printed circuits / Industrial etching
  • Sterilization